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EP117|Segment 1 of 3|Season 9

The Brewed crew ventures to Burlington, Iowa to check out "The Busted Cup Brewhouse" which boasts much more than a brewery all under one roof. Learn...

EP117|Segment 2 of 3|Season 9

Brewmaster Matthew Hansen makes his return to the Brewed stage! You may remember Matthew from his humble beginnings back at Knox County Brewing...

EP117|Segment 3 of 3|Season 9

What's more punk rock than opening a pizza place in the Quad Cities that DOESN'T make QC-style pizza? Well, our friends at Punk Rock Pizza &...

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Follow along with us every Saturday on WQAD News 8 at 6 p.m. as we explore some of the best local breweries near you. 
Brewed is a half-hour program focused on the Craft Beer scene in and around the Quad Cities. Hosted by popular local radio personality, Dave Levora and produced by WQAD

EP116|Segment 1 of 3|Season 9

The Brewed Crew crashes Bob Richards' home taproom as he celebrates his celebrates his 20-year...

EP116|Segment 2 of 3|Season 9

Brewed Producer Brad Ruggles steps out from behind camera to introduce us to the home-brewing kit,...

EP116|Segment 3 of 3|Season 9

Brad and Dave sit down to discuss Brad's bottling process for his homebrews. And we just happened...

Adapt Or Die – Radicle Effect

EPISODE 74 – SEGMENT 4 > RADICLE EFFECT BREWERKS Radicle Effect Brewerks is the Quad Cities first...

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