Jubeck New World Brewing

Jubeck New World Brewing opened its doors in July 2014 with six beers on tap and a beer menu written on a flattened cardboard box. Despite our modest start, the enthusiastic and unflagging support of the community fueled the growth of the business and membership renewal funds were put straight towards important upgrades to our brewing system. In early 2015 we added to our team by hiring some amazing bartenders. These folks are now the faces of Jubeck New World Brewing and we feel so blessed to have them working with us. 

Today, we continue our commitment to providing a welcoming social space and to brewing consistently great beer while experimenting with new styles and recipes. Our customers tell us often how much they appreciate the unique atmosphere that’s been created here. With soft lighting, no TVs, and vintage tunes spinning on the record player, our tap room has become the perfect place to relax, unwind, and reawaken your senses to the taste and aromas of craft beer, the sounds of warm conversation, and the sight of friends old and new.

115 W 11th St, Dubuque, IA 52001