A Cedar Rapids brewery is finally able to reopen after sustaining major damage during the August 2020 derecho.

Third Base Brewery was hit with a double-whammy, trying to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then being hit with serious damage in the derecho windstorm.

Jim Johnston, who runs the brewery, described the day the derecho came through. He said the brewery was open and they saw the storm’s wrath piece by piece, first with the image outside their front windows, and then the power got knocked out.

“We heard the units get ripped off the roof,” he explained, “it was pretty terrifying honestly, but you know, we didn’t have any time to be scared because water started coming into the building immediately.”

Johnston said they first tried to save all the electronics, the audio system, and the woodwork – since there’s oak all over the building.

“The entire HVAC system had to be replaced since water got into the duct work and then it also got into the electrical wiring, so we had to rewire the entire front of house,” he said.

After months of repairs, Third Base Brewery was able to reopen on March 29. Now that they’re open, Johnston said they are seeing many of their repeat customers come back, enjoying seeing their friends again.

Check out Third Base Brewing’s website, here.