A happy hour that lasts more than 14,000 hours. That’s the special deal happening at Exile Brewing Co. throughout the remainder of January in honor of their 10th Anniversary.

Technically, Exile officially opened in August 2012, but founder and owner R.J. Tursi said they wanted to get a head start on the celebrations. The festivities will be happening all year, starting with all-day every-day happy hour beer and appetizer specials which began on Jan. 7.

In addition, the big special for Exile came on Sunday to honor both the brewing company and a legend in the bar and restaurant business–Ruthie Bisignano.

The late-Ruthie would have turned 95 on Jan. 9.

She was a pioneer in the industry, becoming one of the first-female bar owners in the 1950s. Ruthie gained fame for a bar trick of balancing two pint glasses on her chest, filling them, and then serving with the drinks still balanced without ever touching them with her hands.

Exile celebrated her birthday on Sunday with $0.50 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., the same prices Ruthie used to charge.

“She (Ruthie) was a legend in Des Moines…she was really infamous in her day and she’s really somebody that should be celebrated,” Tursi said.