A bill was introduced that would allow Illinois breweries to ship their products directly to their customers.

It’s been a waiting game for many Illinois breweries. 

In February, a bill was introduced to the Illinois General Assembly that would allow Illinois breweries to be able to directly ship their products to their customers. 

“The idea behind that bill is that maybe we can hit a person in another state or downstate where we don’t currently have distribution,” said Nick Bowes, general manager at Bent River Brewing Company. “It’s just a way that we can add maybe a little bit more to our sales as breweries and get our product to people who otherwise don’t really have an easy way to access it,”

Bowes says his brewery has faced many challenges since 2020. According to him, costs have gone up nearly 20% and raising prices on their products isn’t ideal. 

“We can’t charge 20% more for our beers,” Bowes said. “Everyone is dealing with inflation and there’s only so much people are willing to spend to go out and have a good time.” 

Illinois wineries have been allowed to ship to their customers directly since 2007 and Bowes says Illinois breweries would see many benefits if the bill were to be passed this year. 

“This can help us increase our sales,” Bowes said. “We want to be able to deliver a quality product while keeping our lights on. A move like this would definitely be a step into the right direction.”

The bill currently stands in the Senate with the liquor subcommittee. The Illinois legislative session ends this week.