The much-anticipated return of Brewed is almost here, and there is no one better to breakdown what we can expect in the seventh season than host Dave Levora.

Brewed’s season debut kicks-off Saturday, Dec. 11th at 10:35 p.m.

“Let me just take a moment to point out how crazy it is, (that) we’re about to start our seventh season of Brewed on Saturday. Crazy,” said Dave.

He joined Jillian Mahen on the 6:30 p.m. WQAD newscast to discuss what’s in store for Brewed.

The crew has been filming for the past few months and has a couple of episodes, “in the can” and some that will be “opened” during the season as well.

Some of the locations include Minneapolis and St. Paul which Dave says the Brewed team was, “blown away by what (they) found there.”

Another long-time destination that finally came to be was the Festival of Barrel-aged Beers in Chicago. Dave explained Brewed was invited two years ago, and finally made it happen in a post-pandemic-ish world.

As for this Saturday’s episode, Brewed covers Oktoberfest which takes place in Iowa City. They’ll also be in Muscatine covering some incredible barrel-aged beers that are available.

The episode comes just in time for anyone looking into brew-related gifts for the holiday season.

“Barrel-aged in particular, I think (it) makes a great gift,” Dave said. “Because it’s a little bit more per bottle, it really shows that you understand the person and what it is they’re into. There’s some great options, and you can never go wrong with getting a beer as a gift.”

Dave expressed that adding even more to the gift of a fine brew is knowing the history behind it, and what makes it special.

“Just as important as giving the beer it’s kind of knowing a little something about the breweries, it’s not just about the beer. It’s about the story behind it,” Dave said. “So when you come away from a party with a great craft beer and you know the story of it, that beer just makes for a much more festive season.”

It’s officially the season of giving, and also the “unofficial” season of responsibly enjoying a brew with family and friends.

Cheers to the holidays and a brand new season of Brewed.